1 oz Sweet calea (Dream Herbs)
1 oz Sweet calea (Dream Herbs)

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Date Added: 05/01/2018 by Nayeli M.
I bought this plant out of curiosity and also because I do not remember my dreams well
I prepared a measure of 25 grams in tea since my weight is approximately 50k and they recommended half a gram per kilo of weight
I got ready to rest but I left the alarm clock activated so that it would sound at 2 am, so I went to sleep at 11 pm
when I woke up I went to drink the tea that is already cold
At the beginning I felt a calm and tranquility. out nervousness
and I went back to sleep.
the dream was relaxing and very alive in the morning I remembered everything that I dreamed and it was also from the first nights that I felt a real rest

I leave my experience in case anyone is interested
thanks for reading me